The B side

Originally a three story 18th century townhouse, The B Side has been transformed into a relaxing space that serves multiple purposes.

The first floor features office space, an open kitchen, working counter space, the equipment room, the privacy room, and a luxurious handicap-accessible bathroom with roll-in shower, washer/dryer, and cosmetics vanity, which serves as a dressing room when recording music videos.

The second floor’s exposed post & beams, high vaulted ceilings, breathtaking river views, and mirrored wall allow for several functions. The 550 square foot space can serve as a second live room (monitored and hard-wired to the control room on The A Side), creating the opportunity to record large ensembles and choirs. The space can also serve as a rehearsal studio, a dance studio, a small performance space, or it can be utilized as a large green room.